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Disclosure: As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, I often recommend to clients that they maintain a strategic relationship with a credit union.  Doing so can provide high quality loan services when necessary, in addition to a dramatic reduction on all fees, including VISA interest, etc.  I am a true believer in Credit Unions, although they were never designed for large deposit balances.   My previous experience includes being a Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer at the State’s 3rd largest credit union.

The purpose of this comment is to use the proposed merger between First Technology Credit Union, based in Portland. Oregon, and Addison Avenue Credit Union, based in Palo Alto, California, to highlight that while banks are taking a beating over executive compensation, almost no attention has been given to credit unions.  Doing so reveals a full spectrum of situations, some needing additional disclosure.  Also included are simple reform proposals.  Also see updated blog post on October 20, 2010 following approval by Oregon State regulators.


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