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On October 15th, 2010 Oregon State regulators approved the $4.5 billion merger of First Technology Credit Union with Addison Avenue credit union, the biggest such merger in credit union history.   In my opinion, this results from a complete breakdown in the integrity of the credit union regulatory process.   For this reason I have written directly to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the FDIC with the hope that they will lend support to the notion that, prior to approval, important disclosure standards be first met.  See April 21, 2010 related blog post for additional background information.

During the last 6 months I have requested that both First Tech and Addison Avenue fulfill their responsibilites to members, specifically asking for more details regarding executive compensation, their respective investment portfolios and also allowing a 90 day period for member review rather than the planned 45 days.   To many members this merger is an “inside job” that would not be supported by members if adequate disclosures were made.  Although the CEO’s offered to meet me and discuss the issues several times, I thought it inappropriate and we have therefore only communicated via phone and email.  Adequate disclosure should speak by itself, and to all members simultaneously.


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